Today, Legacy 401k Partners was named a Top DC Advisor Team by the National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA). Each year, NAPA releases a list of top advisor teams working in the Defined Contribution retirement plan space.

The NAPA Top DC Advisor Team list highlights the nation’s leading retirement plan advisor firms. Sure, we know it’s not just about the numbers – but the reality is that NAPA members are having a huge impact every single day, not just on the quality of retirement plan advice, but also in building a more financially secure retirement for millions of Americans. Unlike other lists, this focuses on teams, broadly defined as being in a single physical location, and having at least $100 million in DC assets under advisement.

We are honored to be recognized by NAPA as one of the Top DC Advisor Teams in the country. Our focus has been and continues to be solely on corporate retirement plans. This is what we do all day, every day. This recognition does not indicate that we have “arrived” and can rest on our laurels. Instead, these accolades drive us to refine our processes to ensure we provide clients with the highest level of service.


Legacy 401k Partners is an industry-leading consulting firm that provides fiduciary advice, counsel, and investment analysis to Boards of Directors, Trustees, Investment Committees, and other Investment Fiduciaries.  For more information on Legacy 401k Partners, you can visit our website (


The National Association of Plan Advisors, an affiliate organization of the American Retirement Association, is a professional society uniquely committed to seven core principles of advisors serving employer-sponsored retirement plans: (1) The retirement industry is in transition and NAPA is a leader for positive change: (2) NAPA?s core purpose is to enhance retirement security in America; (3) NAPA members focus on providing high quality, professional advice to retirement plans and/or their participants; (4) NAPA members are committed to leading the transition to a more transparent, effective, professionally governed retirement system; (5) NAPA members may serve as either fiduciaries or non-fiduciaries, but are committed to clearly disclosing their fiduciary or non-fiduciary status to their ERISA retirement plan clients: (6) NAPA members pledge to comply with all requirements relating to retirement plans that are or will be required by the SEC, DOL, or any other governing agencies; and (7) NAPA members pledge to maintain ethical standards in their representation of plan sponsor and participant clients and will strive to service them under a process that puts their clients? interests first. More information on NAPA can be found at