Dallas/Fort Worth, TX ? August 10, 2015?? Legacy 401k Partners, LLC (?Legacy 401k?) has received approval from the State of Texas to register directly as their own independent Registered Investment Advisor (?RIA?). For the last 5 years, Legacy 401k Partners had been registered through a third-party RIA. ?By being able to register directly, Legacy 401k is able to provide our clients with the highest level of service, while now controlling all aspects of our business.? says Patrick Stuhr, Partner and Founder of Legacy 401k Partners. ?We are excited about this news and look at this as a major victory for our firm and our clients.?

Legacy 401k is an independent advisory firm that focuses exclusively on corporate retirement plans and offering fiduciary services. ?Being unique in this market gives us a strong advantage in the 401k advisory industry. Unlike many other advisors in this space, we are not going to try to come in and sell you insurance, or get the individual business from your employees. We are laser-focused on ensuring that your company?s retirement plan is customized to your plan and participant needs.? says Brad Grist, a Partner at Legacy 401k.

Legacy 401k acts as a fiduciary advisor on the retirement plan and works to reduce the fiduciary exposure of the plan sponsor through quarterly investment and plan reviews, employee education, and plan provision customization. Unlike many plan advisors who are unwilling or unable to act as a fiduciary on the plan, Legacy 401k will agree in writing to act as a named fiduciary on the plan. Mr. Stuhr says, ?With over 24 years of retirement industry experience, we have great faith in our process. We are 100% committed to the 401k industry and ensuring businesses, organizations, and employees are getting the retirement plan they deserve.?

About Legacy 401k Partners, LLC
Legacy 401k Partners, LLC is an independently registered RIA firm based in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. The principals of the firm possess over 24 years of retirement industry experience.

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